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Understanding Dog Love

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Understanding Dog Love

Owned by a DogTo Understand LOvE for a Dog

It can't be explained but it most certainly can be understood, especially if you are Owned by a Dog!

This bone-shaped charm says it all and arrives adorned with a wish vessel filled with the color of brown glitter intention to capture the warm fuzzy feelings that fill our hearts when we are with our dogs. They become our best friends, our confidants, our protectors. 

This wish humbles us enough to somehow always obey their unspoken command for loyalty. This we do without hesitation because we understand. Love means we are owned by a dog. 

Wearable wish: 22" antique bronze chain

Owned by a Dog* by Captured Wishes will meet your desire......with wishful-filled creations that speak for your heart.

* Charm Style May Vary with Availability